Medford Oregon Engagement Photography

April 25, 2015

Medford Oregon Engagement Photography

Although I cannot attend this amazing couples wedding next Saturday, I was honored to take some pictures of their soon to be family today. I love seeing love unfolding and I am so happy for the two of you! Congratulations Tory and Kendra! I hope you enjoy this little preview of our time together today!


Kendra and Tory-1006Medford Oregon Engagement Photography Medford Oregon Engagement Photography Kendra and Tory-1012 Kendra and Tory-1005Kendra and Tory-1008Kendra and Tory-1001-3 Kendra and Tory-1009 Kendra and Tory-1001 Kendra and Tory-1002 Kendra and Tory-1003 Kendra and Tory-1004

And of corse we had to stop for some hot cocoa!! 😀 This little man did amazing!! He can come along with me any day! I see a photographer in the making with him 🙂
Kendra and Tory-1013 Kendra and Tory-1014 Kendra and Tory-1015 Kendra and Tory-1016 Kendra and Tory-1017 Kendra and Tory-1018 Kendra and Tory-1019 Kendra and Tory-1020 Kendra and Tory-1021 Kendra and Tory-1022 Kendra and Tory-1023 Kendra and Tory-1024 Kendra and Tory-1025 Medford Oregon Engagement Photography