Medford Oregon Family Photographers

May 12, 2013

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking pictures on some amazingly beautiful private property in Applegate Oregon. The first thing I was shown was a beautiful Robins nest outside the back porch door where a mama Robin was feeding yer little babies. What a precious picture it was to see right before Mother’s Day! Johnson Family-1001-2 Johnson Family-1002-2The day was so beautiful, a little hot for May, but it’s Southern Oregon . . . you just never know what the weather will be like here! 🙂 As we started the pictures though it was soon very clear that the youngest was not wanting anything at all to do with getting her pictures taken! I assured the parents that about for 80% or more of my family shoots though, this is completely the NORM!! When you have young children, family portraits are never EVER what they seem from viewing the final product! 🙂 As a photographer, generally I only post the best pictures I take. But if I was to post some of the outtakes and behind the scenes you would see a lot of this . . .

Johnson Family-1001-3 The good thing is that I don’t mind making a COMPLETE fool out of myself for the sake of a great smile! It only took me pretending to eat a tree branch to get this shot haha . . .

Johnson Family-1005I LOVE this picture because, well mom and dad look so happy and peaceful, right?

Johnson Family-1011Well, not exactly 🙂

Johnson Family-1012So, next time you are at your family picture appointment and your two year old is tired and hungry . . . don’t feel like you are alone! 🙂 In the end (most of the time)

patience wins!! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day Gisela!!

Johnson Family-1014Johnson Family-1002 Johnson Family-1003 Johnson Family-1004 Johnson Family-1006 Johnson Family-1007 Johnson Family-1008 Johnson Family-1009 Johnson Family-1010 Johnson Family-1013