Ryken High School Senior Photography

December 20, 2014

Ryken High School Senior Photography

The rain came and went today but mostly stayed away for this mornings session with Ryken. It got a little cold towards the end, but he did an amazing job despite the rough weather conditions! I was so thankful that the rain didn’t start up more so we were able to finish up his pictures. Ryken, I wish you the best as you graduate and figure out what is down the path for you.  Tamara, you were amazing to help hold all my umbrellas and bounce board for me! 🙂 Thank you again for asking me to take these pictures for you and I hope you like this preview of the pictures!


Ryken-1001 Ryken-1002 Ryken-1003 Ryken-1004 Ryken-1005 Ryken-1006 Ryken-1007 Ryken-1008 Ryken-1009